Rackmount Servers That Blend Power, Energy Efficiency, and Value

Compute workloads have never been higher, and they’ll only continue to grow with emerging technologies like 5G, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and advanced data analytics. Rackmount servers give you the best combination of space and power to meet your growing data center space requirements.

How to Choose the Right Rackmount Server

Computing demands are accelerating at speeds never seen before. Rackmount servers provide the flexibility, reduced footprint, and value you need to run an efficient operation. Part of its flexibility comes from the freedom to customize your builds, for example, choosing different blade nodes in a single blade chassis.

How can you determine which rackmount server is right for you? If you’re trying to maximize the amount of computing power and storage density within a fixed space, you need rackmount storage. Instead of indefinitely increasing the footprint your servers take up, you can optimize the capacity you get within a limited area by leveraging a high-density form factor.

Another consideration is your redundancy requirements and software needs since not every server supports every feature you may need, like virtualization. We optimize our rackmount servers for various operating systems and with the ability to leverage powerful system management tools.

If you need help choosing the right hardware to maintain a competitive advantage, our engineers can help design rackmount servers for:

  • Enterprise applications
  • Resource-saving architecture
  • Data centers
  • Hosting services
  • Content delivery networks
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • -aaS market (Example: Infrastructure as a Service)
Rackmount Servers by Brand

Unmatched Value

Servers Direct offers lower prices and the fastest lead times on custom-built servers from leading manufacturers like Supermicro and Intel®, and key component suppliers like Micron, Seagate, Western Digital, AMD, NVIDIA, and more.


Best Support

Our technology experts can help configure a system that maximizes performance and minimizes costs, and they’ll be there 24/7 with the industry’s best after-sales service and support.


Trusted Partner

For nearly 30 years, Servers Direct has been the premier technology partner to enterprises and organizations of all sizes. Our customers range from application developers and scientists to leading institutions in healthcare and education. In blind surveys, our customer satisfaction scores are more than 2X higher than the industry average.

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